Mark Neubauer

"Thank you for all your help, knowledgeable training and encouragement"

I initially became interested in CrossFit due to Knees Over Toes Guy’s recommendation to use a sled to improve leg strength and decrease knee pain.  I had a right hip replacement a year and a half ago and i’m missing cartilage in my right knee which complicates strengthening exercises without pain.

I started individual training with Coach Blake 8 weeks ago, 2 times a week.

He has been encouraging and a great coach.  He watches my technique closely and corrects it when needed.  He has evaluated my quad’s, hamstrings and glutes and has tailored every work out to focus on identified weaknesses.  Work outs are appropriately challenging and varied.

I have noticed quantifiable strength gains and less to no knee pain now.

I have away to go to regain strength balance between my right and left leg but if past progress is a predictor I’m confident with continued training I will get there.

Thank you for all your help, knowledgeable training and encouragement.

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