Success Stories

Our members come to our gym for a number of reasons.

They want to lose fat. They hope to gain muscle mass. They want to ready themselves for the summer season. They want to train for a specific sport. But, ultimately, they want to live longer, happier and healthier lives. In our experience we have found that no two members are alike.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our member success stories below.

“As a woman in her fifties, I ended 2016 complaining to my son that I needed to start working out again. So, on January 2, he gave me no choice and off to the gym we went. Unbeknownst to me, he had taken me to startup facility he was very excited to join, Fox River Strength and Conditioning, home of North Aurora CrossFit.

Being out of shape and far from my desired weight, CrossFit would have never been my choice. So begrudgingly, I did the workout and in doing so, met some of the most welcoming and inspirational people I could imagine. This was a community of commitment, not only to the workouts, but to each other. It felt as though I had the support of everyone in the gym that day, and going into my third month as a member, I know that I still do.

I have brought in several new members myself and find us all to be part of a growing community that will forever be grateful to have found. FRSC is an excellent facility with quality people that believe in what they do. I find that Mark has learned quickly how to push me to get me to do that one extra rep or to meet a challenge. I am pushed to my limits and beyond and am becoming a stronger, healthier person because of it.

those people that have heard of this CrossFit phenomenon, but like me would never dare try it because it is for the workout junkies, set aside those judgmental notions and come join us for a few workouts and see what it is all about. You’ll be welcomed with the same kindness and commitment that I have found.”

Laura Banks

Teacher, North Aurora resident

“No seriously. Like I wouldn’t be doing anything if you hadn’t contacted me and made me get in there. This community you built is great and keeps making me want to come back!

You and RJ make me feel at home when I’m there and it’s great! I have improved so much with your teaching and I’m very thankful for that. Im serious. Thank you.”

Jason Y.

“The encouraging energy in this place is amazing!”

Lavonne T.

“Can’t say it enough love, love, love everything about this place.”

Laura B.

I walked into CrossFit not knowing what it was. Walked out In love with the sport. I tell people, it’s not about things you can’t physically do it’s about scaling it to your abilities. CrossFit can be for everyone.

Alex B.

I was literally dragged into the gym by my husband and now you can’t get me to leave. This gym is not about who is the strongest but about becoming a healthier version of you. To top it off this gym has such a good community within you never feel like an outsider but rather very welcomed.

Bridget B.

Crossfit to me means pushing myself and accountability beyond the limits that I set for myself when I workout in other settings. It’s also my community of friends – we support and encourage each other to get stronger and healthier together in a (let’s be honest) somewhat competitive environment that’s also fun!

Jeremery Bero

As a healthcare provider, health has always been a high value for me. I had always been active with some form of exercise but always reaching a plateau. Since I’ve joined Crossfit at FRSC, I have been able to reach unimaginable goals( Ex. deadlift from 80lbs to current 240 lbs.) I cannot thank enough the excellent coaching, huge facility and team members for being some of the important factors that made it possible. I’m always looking forward to working out now, because I continue to see progress that has affected my life at work, with friends and family in a positive manner. It is probably one of the best investments I have made in my life!

Veronica D.

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