Mark Wrzeciona

Mark Wrzeciona

Head Coach/General Manager

Mark has been in the fitness industry for 11 years working as a Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach and gym owner. His mission is to touch the lives of people, help them move better and encourage/motivate them on their own personal fitness journey. Having worked with various populations from youth to older adults, people new to fitness to athletes, in addition to people looking to lose weight as well as gain weigh he brings a unique perspective to his training as he has been on all of those journeys himself. Mark is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach as well as an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. His personal fitness journey began in high school where he was a cross country and track athlete. This continued in college where he abruptly stopped all physical activity and by the age of 25 he weighed 330 pounds (Picture on the Left). He knew he needed to make a change so doing what he knew best he began to run and within the next nine months he had lost over 100 pounds. This ignited his passion for fitness and he became a personal trainer and began a pursuit of learning not only fitness but nutrition. Feeling there was a better way to train and help not only himself but his clients reach their greatest fitness potential he began looking for modes of training then your traditional reps and sets training and at the age of 39 he was introduced to CrossFit. He became a Level 1 Coach (Picture on the Right) and by the time he was 40 he was in the best shape of his life and along with following a Paleo/primal nutrition plan was the healthiest he has ever been. His journey continues to this day and his is not only excited but honored to become a piece of your personal fitness journey.


ISSA PT Certification



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